Pensionary Benefits

           Q1.  What’s the rule that governs the sanction of pensionary benefits?

          Ans:-    The sanction of pensionary benefits are  based on Odisha Civil Service (Pension) Rules, 1992 and Odisha Civil Service (Commutation  of  pension) Rules, 1992.

            Q2.   To whom the pensionary benefits are sanctioned?

  Ans:- Pensionary  benefits are sanctioned in favour of those retiring/retired/died persons whose appointing authority is Home Department . The Home  Department is the appointing authority of different cadres of employees such as  O.P.S., Fire Service, Jail Service, Steno, O.S.J.S., O.S.S., (S.O. to Additional Secretary) and Class-III & IV staff of this Department. Besides, pensionary benefits of retiring/retired/died IPS officers are also sanctioned.

             Q3.  How to apply for pensionary benefits and what’s the procedure?                             

Ans:- i) The retiring/retired Government employees or legal heirs in case of died Government Servants have to apply in prescribed forms for sanction of pensionary benefits to their  Head of Office.  The forms are available here.

                       ii) The Head of Office forwards the pensionary documents to Home Department after necessary verification/scrutinisation.

iii) On receipt of the pensionary documents, this Department sanctions the final pensionary benefits such as pension, commuted value   of   pension, Gratuity, Family Pension and Death Gratuity.

 iv) Then the pensionary documents are forwarded to the A.G. (A. & E.), Odisha, Bhubaneswar after thorough scrutiny.

          v)   After receipt of the pensionary documents and taking necessary actions, the AG( A & E), Odisha, Bhubaneswar release the Final Authorities on Pension/ Family Pension , Retirement Gratuity/ Death Gratuity and Commuted value of Pension in favour of the concerned pensioners with instructing the concerned Treasuries for payment under intimation to the Pension Sanctioning Authority(PSA).

 vi)                The PSA requests the concerned Head of Office to furnish the drawal/ non-drawal certificate on provisional pensions/ Family Pension, Retirement Gratuity/ Death Gratuity and Commuted value of Pension to the concerned Treasuries.

vii)              Then the Head of Office furnishes the Drawal/non-drawal certificates to the concerned Treasuries for making the regular payments to the concerned Pensioners.

Q4.  Are the pensionary benefits sanctioned at the time of retirement?

Ans:- Yes. But in those cases where the final pensionary benefits are not possible to Settle/Sanction at the time of retirement, Provisional pensionary benefits are sanctioned in order to avoid delay. After the aforesaid procedure in Q3 is maintained, the final pensionary benefits are released.

            Q5. Is there provision for revision of pensionary benefits ?          

Yes. Specially, as per F.D.O.M. No.3653/F dt.19.1.09, actions are taken for revision of pensionary benefits for those retired/ died in between 01.01.2006 and 30.11.2008.

        Q6.  Is there provision for re-sanction of undrawn pension/ arrear pension?

              Ans:- Yes. Action is taken for re-sanction of undrawn pension/arrear pension as per Rule 317 of OTC-Vol.I.

               Q7.  Are the pending cases of pensions reviewed periodically?

Ans:- Yes. As per P.G. & P.A. Circular No.Pen (Adl.)35-49-7029 (210) dated.30.12.1999, quarterly pending report is prepared in every quarter ending & the same is supplied to Finance Department and P.G. & P.A. Department for necessary actions at their end.